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About Mature Students Society

The Mature Student Society (M.S.S) is a society where Mature Students and Adult Learns can meet others of similar ages, who are in similar situations in life and to support each other in the transition to college life.

M.S.S Vision: to connect mature students so that they can make those long-lasting friendships one makes in college.

M.S.S Mission: to guide, support and connect mature students with each other and assist in the transition into the college life. To ensure that social gatherings and events are tailored to the needs. preferences and wants of the majority.

Meet the Mature Student Society Committee:


Name: Shauna Mc Hugh, Mature Student Officer with the IT Sligo Student Union.

Course & Year: Y1, BA English and Psychology.

Current Career: Hospitality Management and Life Coaching & Complementary Therapist.

Future Career Hope: I want to open a B&B for team building activities for corporates, that also hosts group therapy and healing packages. I just want to help people become the best version of themselves.

Three funs facts about Shauna:

1. I love playing Dungeons and Dragons. It gives me a creative outlet.
2. I love going on nature hikes and walks in the forest. Particularly practicing shinrin-yoku.
3. I’m a Libra so I like to keep things well balanced and planned out. I do enjoy going with the flow too.

Shauna's hopes for the Mature Student Society:

I hope that the M.S.S brings a sense of belonging and comfort to the mature student population. I hope that this society makes coming to college when you a that little bit older than most a little less daunting. I hope that this society eases discomfort and provides support and friendships to all that join

 Name: Rosie Allison

Course / year: Y1, BA Health Science & Physical Activity 

Current Career: Photobooth Events Manager 

Future Career Plans: I want to do a few things but mainly using my knowledge and experience to help women overcome disordered eating habits. I also want to educate teenagers and parents on the dangers of extreme dieting. 

3 fun facts about Rosie:
1I would rock climb all day everyday if I could. 
2. I'm happiest when I'm in the water, at the gym or on an
3. I love a pint of Guinness and a good trad session. 

Rosie's hopes for the Mature Student Society:

To have a fun and supportive space where mature students can make new friendships and memories. With the life experience each mature student has, we all bring something different to the society which can be shared and create new learning experiences



Course & Year: 

Current Career

Future Career Hope

Three fun facts about :

hopes for the Mature Student Society:

Meetings and Events Coordinator:

 Name: Aoibheann Smith

Course / year: Y1, BA English and Psychology.

Current Career: currently working in retail the past 3 years

Future Career Plans: hopefully will go on to study education to become a second level English teacher

3 fun facts about Aoibheann:

1. I love literature and poetry
2. I’m a swimmer and enjoy water sports
3. I play piano and love music of any kind

Aoibheann's hopes for the Mature Student Society:
For mature students to have a network they which they can socialize, feel supported and have a voice during they’re educational journey

Social Media Coordinator

Name: Nina Fern

Course & Year: BA (Hons) Fine Art, 4th Year

Current Career: Artist & Costume Maker. I also tutor Design and work as a fashion designer.

Future Career Hope: Visual Artist & Researcher

Three fun facts about Nina:

1. The ocean is my second home, I am most happy in the water!
2. I love playing Zelda & Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch.
 3. I run a sustainable active wear brand with swimwear & leggings that are custom printed with art.

hopes for the Mature Student Society:

I am really happy and excited to have this society as a safe space to network and mix with other mature students. We all come from diverse backgrounds & it makes college life more interesting to share our experiences.

Current Committee 5
Chairperson Shauna Mc Hugh(She/Her)
Secretary Rosalie
Treasurer (name hidden)
Events Officer (name hidden)
Media Officer (name hidden)

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